ontspannen massage

I myself am a hugh fan of coffee, especially espresso. A highly valued starter each morning. But when -after the first cup- I take a second one and sometimes a third, I get the feeling the coffee is taking over the lead, I get choppy in my movements, there is a slight pressure in my head and I think, “wtf, this is actually a bit too much”. Well, my coffee experiences of course are very interesting but the reason why I am telling you this is that I regularly I meet clients with a muscle strain that seems a bit odd. It’s not like workpressure or stress but something I can not put right. When I ask, in a moment of clarity, wether my client drinks coffee I regularly hear: “Oh yes, all day long, it may mount to 9 or 10!” Alltough my client hasn’t asked for I start giving advice and tell him (98% are man)  it would be wise to reduce their coffee intake till about three in the morning, each accompanied a glass of water, and continue with coffee the next morning with new courage. Some clients rightly think: “mind your own business” but some say: “well that could be a good idea”. The next appointment in these people there appears to be a striking difference in overall tension. The skin is less dry, the body is much more accessible and they feel more fit and more relaxed.

Well I thought that is relevant good news to publish.