WP_20160206_002Guess what, a client brings me flowers, just because she was happy with a book I recommended.

The book I mentioned is called ‘Radical Remission’ and it tells the story of men and women who were able to heal from cancer against all odds. People facing death, often send home to die by doctors who could not help them.

But by standing up, with the help of friends, sometimes strange healers and therapists they regained their health with focus, persistence and a constantly growing  knowledge far more usefull then the common healthcare knowledge.

How they were able to do this was investigated and written down by this beautiful American doctor Kelly Turner. She couldn’t stand the fact that there are so many people cured from cancer while the world didn’t know. Radical Remission

For me this book is really inspiring, I learned how powerfull men and women can become when they are able to focus, try all kind off therapies, choose what is good for them and go their own way.

Many of these cancer survivors help others by sharing their experience and knowledge.

When you are interested in health this book is a really exciting way to learn more, not just for people with cancer but for anyone who wants to recover from healthissues.