Massage practice

Welcome to the practice in Delft

What can you expect me to do.

First of all I listen to you, get informed as much as possible about your situation, your history and your goal. Then we start. Most of the time starting with the massage chair, which provides an excellent position to give attention to back, neck and shoulders, arms and hands. Then we continue on the table.

Before we start we agree on how much time we take for the massage, that can be 30 minutes up to two hours. During the massage we work together sharing information. Afterwards I give you a prognose about the number of treatments I think you need to release most of the complaints.

Massage offers great opportunities to recover from whiplash, burnout, chronic headache, pain caused by accidents or work. If you want you receive advice to exercise simple relaxation and simple movements to support your recovery at home.


Welcome at De aanpak!

What can it bring you?

Relaxation, flow, warmth, sense of building-up, a posibility to go on, relief, a sense of firmness.
A prelude to recovery and “tools” to continue working on it yourself at home.

What more can you expect?

Reception in a pleasant space. An hour that you do not need to perform, an hour in which you may be.






Massages at home

nieuws_18_2636903976A nice possibility if you -for some reason- cannot leave the house. For a group of friends that like to put massage on the program on their friendsday . Consider also a massage workshop and self-care at home. For partners who like to round off a period of hard working with a massage, without having to leave the house once more.

Please note additional costs for massage at home:

3 persons:  standard rate plus a fee of € 10

2 persons:  standard rate plus a fee of € 15

1 person:   standard rate plus a fee of € 30

Travel costs: 23 cents per km including VAT.