standard rates, valuation afterwards, creative rates

Standard rates:

€ 33.00 half an hour
€ 64.50  for 1 hour
€ 87.50 for 1,5 hour

In case you have to deal with a small budget you get a special rate which is € 22,50 for half an hour. (€ 45,00 for one hour etc.)

Valuation afterwards.

In using valuation afterwards you decide afterwards how much the massage has been worth to you . That could be more, the same or less than the standard rate. Do you valuate it more as the standard rate, than off course you involve your possibilities.

Creative rates

What I really want:

is that everyone who wants a massage, can have one, even if they don’t have the money to do so.

That’s why I suggest customers the option to pay more than I ask, to create a budget for those who cannot afford. To make this all transparent I put online every contribution with date and name or nickname, see table below . The moment there is enough in cash potential clients with to little money can make an appointment. You can find what’s in cash on the Dutch page

If you read this post here and find it a great idea to join, contact me!

Till now, one massage has been donated .

At this moment, in cash: €45.00

Cancelation of your appointment

You can always re-scedule or cancel your appointment. If you do this 24 hours ahead of your appointment, I will not charge you.