Customer reactions

only positive stories, but I must say people that only come once don't write their review

Art Director, webdesigner

September 2016. Email reaction the day after: “Wow!!! got out of bed, dressed,no problems! 20 years junger. :-)”

Babs Muljadi

June 2016. Really great massage from a clear professional. Relaxation and functionality meet perfectly in this wonderful treatment. Marcel sees what your body needs and also shares his insights with you. Communicates clearly with you before, during and after treatment. He also gives practical tips and advice to support yourself at home. I can only say: “recommended!”

Sanne Heikens

March 2016. Every time I find myself on this table I feel peace and relaxation coming trough his hands. What a nice gift to myself!


Februari 2016. I have for years sulfured from lower back-pain which is concentrated in two points (muscles) reachable from the lower sides of the back. I have been doing massages and therapy but no one has ever paid attention to what I was complaining from and just automatically did a full traditional back massage. At de aanpak massage, Marcel takes the time to have a conversation and to try and understand the situation before beginning. Through the use of a book he has showed me the muscles I have been complaining about and possible reasons and ways that I can use to relief the pain. After a few sessions I had already – for the first time in years – started feeling normal when I wake up in the morning! Thank you.

Anonymous client

September 2015. This jewel of a reaction I got with a sms message from a young Moroccan woman, a week after she was in the practice for burnout:

Hi Marcel,
I wanted to share something beautiful today with wich I get tears . . . you know, I have never been massaged by a man and never had a man in my life asked in the beginning whether he may touch me and treated me with so much respect. . . Since that day I know what respect and love means ...It was very beautiful for me and I am grateful to you for giving me that experience, I can carry all my life

A very nice day
Kind Regards, ”

Jan Roozenburg

In good hands.

March 2015. I must admit, occasionally I have to see a fysiotherapist to fix my back . . . or my arm. Recently it happened again and listening to the advice of my partner I visited Marcel, de aanpak massagepratice.  It felt like a revalation. Unlike my experience so far real massage was on the menu. Not just a few minutes, but an hour and with skills. We started a quest  which muscles were involved and why. In just a few sessions the tension eased and the pains went as they came. I fell in good hands, literally and metaphorically. 

Anonymus, doctor in training to neurologist

For 10 years I have been suffering from a sports injury of my right hip and leg. I’ve already tried various therapies, but the pain often returned within a short time. Marcel reduced my symptoms seriously after several treatments, so I can use my leg with ease again. In addition, the treatments give a moment of relaxation in a busy life with young children and a busy job.

Juliaan van der Linden, violinist

June 2013 Adviced by a Music Mendendieck therapist I looked in Delft for a masseur to treat the pain in my arm. The website of ‘De aanpakappealed to me and so I visited Marcel. The sore arm, I found quite threatening because of my profession. Marcel’s  approach has been very effective and now (a year later) I have almost forgotten what the problem was. Meanwhile, Marcel treats the whole body and so my neck, back, shoulders and arms were treated as well and I got rid of a lot of ‘old stuff’. Marcel is very skilled and during a session there is a lot of interaction. And along with that I experience a really relaxed body and I go home with an appropriate advice for self-care!

Alain van den Berg, triathlon athlete

June 2012. The main reason I came to Marcel was to improve my athletic performance in triathlon by giving more attention to recovery. I had no experience with massage and the Website of ‘De aanpak’ appealed to me most. Marcel is someone who really looks and listens and responds with a personal approach. He can really judge which areas need attention and likes to investigate how these problems can be solved. His personal advice for self-care is of great value to me. Especially during my cycling training I had a problem in my back. In working together we were able to identify and improve the factors  for my back problem. And quite amazing is that my athletic performance are now better than ever. In recent months I broke record after record, swimming and cycling. I think ‘de aanpak’ is short for Personal Approach

Nico van der Kolk, student TU Delft

May 2012 Massage therapy is a great way to recover from computer work.  I experienced a severely debilitating case of ‘mouse arm’, and under the care of Marcel I have made significant recoveries.  His clinic is pleasant and professional — I recommend it to anyone who is looking for massage in Delft.

Tessa Faber, eigenares van ‘Making Sense’

February 2012. Yesterday I had a massage from Marcel David‘s ‘De aanpak’ in Delft. But in addition, I also received a total experience: expertise, relaxation, empathy, warmth, a nice quiet area (without the cliché stacked stones, lotus flowers, incense and plingplong tunes). ‘Healing hands‘, personal attention without patronizing advice, but a rihgt-sized advice for self-care at home.

Anonymus client

November 2011 I booked at ‘de aanpak’ because I experienced a lot of discomfort in my shoulders and lower back. Fortunately, the appointment could be made quickly. Besides the fact that I have enjoyed the massage very much, I also learned the physical cause of my back pains. The massage brought much relief and besides, I also got some tips  so I can work on my backache at home. I‘ll definitely go back!

Frank Schipper

May 2010 I went to De aanpak with sleep problems and RSI-like shoulder pain. It was a brilliant move. I learn a lot about my body and how the muscles interact. The practical advice Marcel gave me were easy to implement and have certainly contributed to remedy my complaints.

Angelique van der Eijk

December 2009. About two years ago riding on my bike I  got hit by a Hummer. After seeing physiotherapists and chiropractors for over 18 months, I felt there was no progress in my healing process. Doctors could only give me painkillers, which I absolutely refused. Adviced by my doctor I made an appointment at “de aanpak”. His expertise and also supplement with homeopathy felt good right away. He also explained to me clearly how a “trauma” can get stuck in a body and I felt finally understood. After the first treatment I felt  ahuge relief right away!! My pain symptoms decreased per session!! I see “de aanpak” as a complete treatment process, skillfull and complete. Finally, after eighteen months, I feel progress … I can walk more and more, my whiplash symptoms are greatly reduced and my body feels comfortable again. Where the doctors were inadequate,  this allround massage completes beyond expectation. Mr. Davids is very skilled and uses several massage techniques. I recommend it to everyone, even if you did not experience an accident, it sometimes is a boon for your body to get a massage. A very satisfied customer, Angelique

Jmîchaeĺe Keller

April 2008 Thanks again for the great massage!