Massage in company

a good move for organisations with an innovative co-worker policy

What is a good moment to consider physical support?

Consider massage in company when you have a clear motive and you can imagine the benefits .

Obvious motivation can be:

  • There is a high workload
  • There are signs of discontent
  • The absenteeism is to high or increasing
  • Employees with work-related symptoms
  • Work is done out of routine, no creativity shows up


  • Goodwill , grateful colleagues
  • 15 minutes of rest on the massagechair gives room to creativity
  • You show that you care about the welfare of your colleagues
  • Job satisfaction and productivity are promoted
  • This investment allows big savings

Make an appointment with me at your office, ask me a lot of questions and get a number of free massages.

What will it bring you?

A fitter team!
Employees, relieved and refreshed, picking up the thread of their work.

In your companyculture: Respect, goodwill, employees that feel taken seriously. Massage in company commitment and contributes to team building.

How about reducing absenteeism?
There circulate enthusiastic stories about massage in company reducing absenteeism significantly. We believe that this is the case, but because many factors affect absenteeism it is impossible to put a 1 to 1 relationship.

For organisations that practise massage in company the benefits are clear.
For a more scientific approach, see:

If you want to formulate it neutraly then you can say that massage in company provides an effective contribution to help your team perform optimally.


Per hour € 67.50 exclusiv VAT and travelcosts.
We would be happy to show you our way of working.
Ask us for a couple of free massages at your company.

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